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I am trying i swear……….sort of

I never really new how challenging it may be to communicate my life with just a freaking post or just with anyone outside my circle.  I even make a living because I am paid to socialize…..this is true. 

I am not by any means a person that updates Facebook a million times or tells everyone everything i am doing, and don’t get me wrong i truly like hearing about what people or up to or where they are, etc.  But as much as i would like to update my status and this blog i deep down think that well nobody really cares.  I have such a huge prejudgment at times when people post stuff that i almost am afraid of getting that same retribution right back at me.

The amount of things that go through my mind are endless and my brain never really shuts off…..really sucks when you try and sleep and your mind won’t shut the hell up.  You might think that the best way for me to communicate all of those random thoughts would be to have a blog and update it and well i promise ill try but i have always my whole life just constantly told myself to stop bitching and deal with it. So in that regard i do and i keep it to myself because in all reality sometimes my two cents are not worth being said.

I could really could go off right now about whats on my mind but that will be for the next post, and it’s about work.  Just to give you a heads up …..I work in the non-profit sector and work for an amazing organization but many times, at least for me, it’s not as it seems which may get you all wondering…..how the hell could you be complaining about a job like that? You’ll see…………..

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